Personal Guidance

FOR PARENTS - Guide your children with care

-For children below 5/6 years of age, sports activities are not mandatory. Please do not force your child if he/she is not interested.
-YOGA is a very good physical activity that should be inculcated in all children.
-Games and activities like badminton, gymnastics, swimming for concentration development, flexibility of body and overall toning and stamina are good options. Again, please do not force your child. Let them change the activity any time they wish.
-Do not send your children to sports competitions unless he/she is mentally prepared to accept victory/loss without severely affecting his/her confidence. Teachers and parents should not always encourage only winners. By this, the rest of the children develop inferiority complex. Efforts should be put in to push the rest of the children at par with the winners.
- Karate or any kind of martial arts is a very good physical activity but remember that it is a full-time activity requiring a lot of hard work. One must learn this art to develop essential skills.

SPECIAL NOTE for children pursuing Martial Arts

Experts say that only 2 or 3 out of 10,000 students can really master Martial Arts and become a true Martial Artist. It requires immense determination and discipline to develop qualities like courage, speed, concentration, aggression management, divert our energy in positive activities and be patient and control the mind in difficult situations - a few qualities of a true Martial Arts Master. And for that parents must try to find out a proper trainer who can understand the child & always push him ahead, otherwise the child may loose interest in it.